Thursday, February 3, 2011

college decisions...

I found out last night that one of the colleges that I really wanna go to has made a decision about my application. This is the sketchy point. The deadline was February first. They made the decision yesterday, which was the second. Which means two things I think if they decided so fast...

They said yes like instantly or
They rejected me.. instantly

I don't like number two because of the fact I dominate all the requirements to get in to the school. I really wanna know what they decides because its my number two school. It's a big deal.
The biggest problem is they don't tell you if you got in or not online. That is what really bothers me. It sucks so much.

Oh well. I gotta wait for the mail now. Ugh. School is boring again. Just blogging in study hall. Yay.
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  1. well duh theres no other options besides accept or reject haha

  2. Good luck with all that! School is rough...

  3. Well if you're completely overqualified it could very well have been an instant accept

  4. the deadline for my college apps was on feb 1st aswell. i got messaged back from all the colleges i applied to on the same day and got accepted into all of them.

    chances are you got it

  5. Good luck bro! Hope you get accepted!

  6. =\ good luck man!

    sc2 blog:

  7. I'm sure they pick one since you pass all requirements. Good luck dude =)

  8. Good luck, like said before such a fast decision normally means accepted.

  9. good luck! I like your blog, I'll be following.

  10. well good luck and keep us posted.

    Following and supporting.