Sunday, February 6, 2011


"Good news everyone!" -Professor Farnsworth

I'm getting a MacBook Pro soon! In like the next few days! Will be for college and such.
Sorry i havent updated in a while. Ill be back with more soon!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

college decisions...

I found out last night that one of the colleges that I really wanna go to has made a decision about my application. This is the sketchy point. The deadline was February first. They made the decision yesterday, which was the second. Which means two things I think if they decided so fast...

They said yes like instantly or
They rejected me.. instantly

I don't like number two because of the fact I dominate all the requirements to get in to the school. I really wanna know what they decides because its my number two school. It's a big deal.
The biggest problem is they don't tell you if you got in or not online. That is what really bothers me. It sucks so much.

Oh well. I gotta wait for the mail now. Ugh. School is boring again. Just blogging in study hall. Yay.
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

another boring day

Sadly.. its another boring day at school. It's incredible that the second semester can be so lame. I've haven't done a lick of work. I'm sitting in study hall with my friends currently. I just can't believe how much of a joke it is. I've worked my butt off to get where I am, but now with it all done, I'm beyond bored.

But whatever. I'm so tired. And ive gotten a good amount of sleep too. I don't understand it. Must need more or need to catch up.

I have tennis conditioning today at school, which will be fun. Cause of the good weather, I think we will actually play some games. Can't wait to just relax tonight.
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

stuck in English class

Today... I'm stuck in English class watching a documentary on King Arthur. Not only have I read a ton about this guy a million times in elementary school, its incredibly boring. It's not a fun documentary or anything which sucks. Thankfully, I can blog from my Droid

I still have to finish the state of the union homework. Ima do most of it in study hall so I can do things later today. Probably just game and finish other homework.

Everyone in class is sleeping or texting. For me, blogging! Good things its the second semester so I don't have to care about my bad classes as much as my important classes.
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Monday, January 31, 2011

AP Government homework

So, I'm supposed to be doing some AP Gov homework. It's on the State of the Union. Last week was exam week, and our teacher assigned it to us.


I was supposed to watch the State of the Union Address instead of studying for my other exams. No way in hell. I needed to study for the rest of my exams. The good news is that it's due on Wednesday. I just don't wanna do it. Good thing for YouTube, I can find the State of the Union there.

The homework assignment is to watch the State of the Union and ALSO the Republican response. It's a packet, also. That's the worst part. It's a two page packet, both front and back. Counts as a quiz grade.

It's my senior year. The year is half way over. I'm done doing work...

I'm really not. I still have to do it. I can't tank my grades. Ugh.

My day today was good. My tennis lesson turned out pretty good. I went out and got a hair cut, and ordered a new pair of Vans. Can't wait to get em!

Six hours of sleep

Damn, six hours of sleep. That really sucks. Good news is, that I dont NEED a lot of sleep. Even though it is NICE to have. I'm not a grouch or anything if I only get six hours. Just don't wake me up in REM! For those who don't know what REM is:

REM sleep is a normal stage of sleep characterized by the rapid movement of the eyes (wikipedia).
The most important thing about REM is that it's the stage of sleep where you get the rejuvenating feeling from when you wake up. When someone is awaken from REM sleep, they are grouchy :P

That is probably the only thing I learned in psychology is sleep.. It's what I'm doing every class.

The thing I love to do most, is wake up and listen to some upbeat or cool music. Right now I'm listening to Jimmy Eat World - Just Watch The Fireworks. I listen to this song CONSTANTLY. At least five times a day or more. It's just a great song to wake up to. A slow beat, but upbeat enough to get ready to take on your day.

I have a tennis lesson today in two hours. Tennis season for high school is right around the corner and I can't wait to it to kick off. Tennis season is really great because:
  1. Our school has a great group of kids who play. We all know each other and have known each other for years now.
  2. Travel. We go to all reaches of Virginia to play tennis. The only thing that sucks is when we have to go like five hours for an awful team. That has happened before.
  3. We get out of school, early, a lot. We'll cut our school day by almost half to go play matches. This helps senior year.
Time for me to get ready and go eat some eggs. I love scrambled eggs!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cant sleep.

Damn. I can't sleep. Thankfully, it's a three day weekend. Today I have the day off! I think I'm going to grab a nice glass of milk and watch a movie. Movies always keep me entertained.. and sleepy.

My favorite movie has to be The Dark Knight. Heath Ledger just did a fabulous job as being the Joker. Definitely better than the original Batman movies.

Another movie I really like is Gran Torino. My favorite actor has to be Clint Eastwood. Hands down. He made great westerns in his earlier careers and now he produces and acts in great movies. I haven't seen Invictus yet. Definitely need to.

I also need a good list of movies.. Need to start making a collection to call my own!
That's all for now.. Hopefully I fall asleep on the couch.