Tuesday, February 1, 2011

stuck in English class

Today... I'm stuck in English class watching a documentary on King Arthur. Not only have I read a ton about this guy a million times in elementary school, its incredibly boring. It's not a fun documentary or anything which sucks. Thankfully, I can blog from my Droid

I still have to finish the state of the union homework. Ima do most of it in study hall so I can do things later today. Probably just game and finish other homework.

Everyone in class is sleeping or texting. For me, blogging! Good things its the second semester so I don't have to care about my bad classes as much as my important classes.
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  1. you can never know enough about king arthur lol

  2. Dude I never got taught about King Arthur... oh well who needs him?!?! xD

  3. Oh the wonders of technology, and annoyances of it :p

  4. I though most of the King Arthur stuff was just myths and legends. It's probably hard to know for sure at this point.