Monday, January 31, 2011

AP Government homework

So, I'm supposed to be doing some AP Gov homework. It's on the State of the Union. Last week was exam week, and our teacher assigned it to us.


I was supposed to watch the State of the Union Address instead of studying for my other exams. No way in hell. I needed to study for the rest of my exams. The good news is that it's due on Wednesday. I just don't wanna do it. Good thing for YouTube, I can find the State of the Union there.

The homework assignment is to watch the State of the Union and ALSO the Republican response. It's a packet, also. That's the worst part. It's a two page packet, both front and back. Counts as a quiz grade.

It's my senior year. The year is half way over. I'm done doing work...

I'm really not. I still have to do it. I can't tank my grades. Ugh.

My day today was good. My tennis lesson turned out pretty good. I went out and got a hair cut, and ordered a new pair of Vans. Can't wait to get em!


  1. Just one more semester and then you can relax haha! Congrats on the Vans too XD.

  2. sounds like some boring homework man, itll be all over soon haha

    new vans are always a nice come up!

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  4. i'm at least 4 years older than you. do well in school!

  5. Tennis AND Vans? Whoa I think you just busted your awesome-o-meter.

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  7. Good luck man and yea youtube has saved my ass more then a few time also!

    Following and supporting!

  8. Dude, good luck for youtube for you. When I was a senior, youtube did exist. But it was brand new, so this wouldn't have been an advantage to my schedule like it is for you.

    Following and supporting.

  9. Good luck with those finals man, you should be fine =]

  10. took that class. waste of time