Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cant sleep.

Damn. I can't sleep. Thankfully, it's a three day weekend. Today I have the day off! I think I'm going to grab a nice glass of milk and watch a movie. Movies always keep me entertained.. and sleepy.

My favorite movie has to be The Dark Knight. Heath Ledger just did a fabulous job as being the Joker. Definitely better than the original Batman movies.

Another movie I really like is Gran Torino. My favorite actor has to be Clint Eastwood. Hands down. He made great westerns in his earlier careers and now he produces and acts in great movies. I haven't seen Invictus yet. Definitely need to.

I also need a good list of movies.. Need to start making a collection to call my own!
That's all for now.. Hopefully I fall asleep on the couch.


  1. havent seen gran torino but i must admit, The dark knight is one of my favs too. Sucks about heath though, what a great guy he was...

  2. I love the dark knight!

  3. I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed over the years Fight club and Fear&Loathing in Las Vegas. As with Clockwork Orange, it wasn't very fun to read, but it was pretty fun to read.

  4. gran torino was awesome. invictus was meh