Monday, January 31, 2011

Six hours of sleep

Damn, six hours of sleep. That really sucks. Good news is, that I dont NEED a lot of sleep. Even though it is NICE to have. I'm not a grouch or anything if I only get six hours. Just don't wake me up in REM! For those who don't know what REM is:

REM sleep is a normal stage of sleep characterized by the rapid movement of the eyes (wikipedia).
The most important thing about REM is that it's the stage of sleep where you get the rejuvenating feeling from when you wake up. When someone is awaken from REM sleep, they are grouchy :P

That is probably the only thing I learned in psychology is sleep.. It's what I'm doing every class.

The thing I love to do most, is wake up and listen to some upbeat or cool music. Right now I'm listening to Jimmy Eat World - Just Watch The Fireworks. I listen to this song CONSTANTLY. At least five times a day or more. It's just a great song to wake up to. A slow beat, but upbeat enough to get ready to take on your day.

I have a tennis lesson today in two hours. Tennis season for high school is right around the corner and I can't wait to it to kick off. Tennis season is really great because:
  1. Our school has a great group of kids who play. We all know each other and have known each other for years now.
  2. Travel. We go to all reaches of Virginia to play tennis. The only thing that sucks is when we have to go like five hours for an awful team. That has happened before.
  3. We get out of school, early, a lot. We'll cut our school day by almost half to go play matches. This helps senior year.
Time for me to get ready and go eat some eggs. I love scrambled eggs!


  1. I saw Jimmy Eat World last year at Soundwave. They are amazing!

  2. lol i also had like no sleep today. i feel like its become more and more popular in my life.

  3. 6 hrs sleep is a fucking luxury for me! working in finance sucks!

  4. check it out it's all about sleep schedules, like when to fall asleep and wake up.

    Oh and following!

  5. I've been woken up during REM sleep and I apparently attacked my brother in my sleep and I don't remember it at all...
    following and supporting though lol!

  6. I've been working towards getting less sleep, but it's alot harder than it sounds. Especially when my schedule is so inconsistent...

  7. hah six hours would be good for me, in the past few weeks i have been getting only 3 hours

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  8. Dude I dont know how you could do it, I NEED my 8 hours!